Re: [Evolution] LDAP

On Thu, 2020-01-30 at 14:42 +0100, Ronald Tidwell @CA wrote:
What does this mean?

it shows that evolution successfully connected to your server and it
had been able to talk to it.

generating offline cache failed ... ldap handler is NULL or no cache

It seems to me it tried to generate local cache too early, when not
connected to the server yet. It will retry again on refresh or some

e_book_backend_ldap_search ... 

If the search works, you can see also the content what the server
returned, aka the found contacts. Does it claim any error? You can also
see the query itself. I would not use the "Any field contains", rather
use "Name contains" or "Email begins with", which are similar (but not
the same) as searching for the contact in the New Mail Message composer
(or search in the composer, if you've the book enable for the

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