Re: [Evolution] Entries from larger WebDAV address book not showing up

On Wed, 2020-08-26 at 10:49 +0200, Felix Eckhofer via evolution-list
Hope this is the relevant part. I've redacted host, username, 
addressbook and personal info from the VCARDs. I've also removed the 
Set-Cookie-Headers from the HTTP response.

it is the relevant part, thanks for it.

I see the returned vCard-s do not have set UID, which might be the
reason (looking into the code, the CardDAV backend expects the UID to
be present, though I do not see it as being mandatory in vCard 3.0, aka
in RFC 2426). The CalDAV backend also expect the UID present, though
it's slightly different there (the WebCAL (On The Web) backend can set
its own UIDs when the provided .ics data/file has them missing, but it
opens the .ics data/file for read only).

Would you mind to file a bug again evolution-data-server [1], to have
the CardDAV backend open contacts with no UID, please?

        Thanks and bye,


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