Re: [Evolution] Entries from larger WebDAV address book not showing up

Hi Milan,

thanks a lot for your help.

Am 25.08.2020 12:05, schrieb Milan Crha via evolution-list:
does evolution-addressbook-factory process use a lot of CPU? 1.000 is
not that many, the real problem starts when there are tens of thousands
of the contacts. This is addressed for 3.38.0 [1].

No, seems not to be the same problem. Given that I am using evolution successfully with hundreds of contacts on another machine, I assumed it had to be some other reason.


The file is virtually empty for me (72K, no entries in the ECacheObjects table). When I remove the file and restart evolution, it shows the spinner on the address book for a while and when I change the search filter, the content area says "Searching for the Contacts...".
Afterwards it goes back to "There are no items to show in this view."

contacts.db file and in the GUI. Might there be any filters involved on
the Evolution side, preventing to show all the contacts in that
particular address book?

I would not know. I've set the dropdown to show "Any Category" and cleared the search filter.


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