Re: [Evolution] Entries from larger WebDAV address book not showing up

On Tue, 2020-08-25 at 14:05 +0200, Felix Eckhofer via evolution-list
Given that I am using evolution successfully with hundreds of
contacts on another machine, I assumed it had to be some other

do you mean with the same address book, on the same Horde server, or a
different addressbook on a different server? It can be the Horde
returns something what the evolution-data-server cannot decipher for
some reason, though I'd expect you'd notice in the CARDDAV_DEBUG log.
Would you mind to share a part of the response, showing one or two
contacts returned from the server, with redacted private information
from the snippet, please?

Also, does the address book on the same server, with only a few
contacts, work properly?

When I remove the file and restart evolution

Just in case, restarting evolution itself is not enough, you need to
restart also the background evolution-data-server processes, in this
case evolution-addressbook-factory (because it can have the file still
opened). If you restarted Evolution with `evolution --force-shutdown`,
supposing this is a native Evolution, not the Flatpak version, then it
should work as expected.

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