Re: [Evolution] Entries from larger WebDAV address book not showing up

On Tue, 2020-08-25 at 11:26 +0200, Felix Eckhofer via evolution-list
Any idea how I can debug this further?

does evolution-addressbook-factory process use a lot of CPU? 1.000 is
not that many, the real problem starts when there are tens of thousands
of the contacts. This is addressed for 3.38.0 [1].

You can check


file(s), whether they contain existing/downloaded contacts - they
should. You can remove those files and run

   $ evolution --force-shutdown

to restart the background processes, which will re-initiate the
download of the content from the server. Unless you stopped the local
cache fill in the middle, you should see the contacts both in the
contacts.db file and in the GUI. Might there be any filters involved on
the Evolution side, preventing to show all the contacts in that
particular address book?


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