Re: [Evolution] Evolution not syncing with the server through IMAP

On Sun, 2019-09-08 at 16:11 -0700, Lambertus Struik via evolution-list
Today the desktop Evolution will not download the Inbox or other 
folders, whereas Thunderbird, my tablet and iPhone did. This email
is coming to you via Thunderbird. Maybe my local Evolution setup
under my existing computer account is corrupt (as well?).
I think Evolution is just better at managing system error messaging
and errors than Thunderbird.

As a user of Evolution for decades, always with a variety of IMAP
servers, it would be difficult to convince me Evolution's IMAP
implementation is broken in any substantive way.

But there are broken server implementations out there for sure - - -
and I suspect with the rise of 'The Cloud' implementors feel more
freedom to be fast-and-loose with compliance to standards or
convention. :(

Adam Tauno Williams, awilliam whitemice org
Multi-Modal Activists Against Auto Dependent Development
resisting the unAmerican socialists of the Motorist hegemony 

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