Re: [Evolution] Evolution not syncing with the server through IMAP

What kind of Trash folder do you have? The default for IMAP and for
Evolution is that Trash is a virtual (search) folder, but some email
providers treat it as a real folder. That's a config option in
Evolution. If your Evo setting disagrees with the server view, that
might explain what you see.
Evolution has virtual Trash folder.
ISP server uses virtual Trash folder.

A real trash folder was set up for my other devices (iphone, tablet), since they cannot use the virtual one.

Email on the iphone and blackberry tablet generally work better than the Evolution on my desktop. They sometimes cannot connect to the server (randomly request login information redo's).

Today the desktop Evolution will not download the Inbox or other folders, whereas Thunderbird, my tablet and iPhone did. This email is coming to you via Thunderbird. Maybe my local Evolution setup under my existing computer account is corrupt (as well?). Am awaiting response from the ISP on my request to have them repair my account on their server. The server account (through Webmail) has recognized that this draft is being written.

Thank you for taking time to walk me through options to recovery.

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