Re: [Evolution] Evolution not syncing with the server through IMAP

In addition to what Patrick said, that error looks like it has come
from the server, not Evolution (Evolution will just be reporting what
the server says).  Try running Evolution from the command line,
possibly with IMAP IO debugging turned on.

Used Patrick's suggestions and reported on that.

Ran Evolution through command line with debugging output sent to a log file.
Evolution ran as before (sync errors)
Not sure how to interpret the information in the very long log file.

So you can see the emails in the webmail client but when you try and
delete them in webmail it says they don't exist? 
Some emails in the server Trash and Inbox folders cannot be deleted through Webmail.
The error report says they do not exist, even though they are clearly there.

Try clearing the cache in your browser, and if it's still a problem then it points to a 
problem with the mail server. 

Cleared the cache. Same issue.

Is it a big ISP or a small local company
(or a personal mail server)?  

Big ISP and telecom

Can you get access to the IMAP server logs?

I do not know how to access IMAP server logs.

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