Re: [Evolution] Evolution not syncing with the server through IMAP

Access has been intermittent since reconnecting through Evolution.
It started by frequently asking me to enter the email account login
information, at start up and during usage.
Then Evolution started giving me folder sync error messages.
"Failed to refresh folder "myemailusername isp net:INBOX".
The reported error was "Error syncing changes:UID STORE failed".

In addition to what Patrick said, that error looks like it has come
from the server, not Evolution (Evolution will just be reporting what
the server says).  Try running Evolution from the command line,
possibly with IMAP IO debugging turned on.

The folder email lists on the server, as seen through Webmail, do not
match those in Evolution (Inbox, Sent, Trash).
If I try to delete emails in folder through Webmail, some complain
they cannot be deleted because they do not exist.

So you can see the emails in the webmail client but when you try and
delete them in webmail it says they don't exist?  Try clearing the
cache in your browser, and if it's still a problem then it points to a 
problem with the mail server.  Is it a big ISP or a small local company
(or a personal mail server)?  Can you get access to the IMAP server


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