Re: [Evolution] Error fetching message info: unknown body response

On Tue, 2018-11-06 at 08:44 -0500, Josh wrote:
On 11/6/18 03:31, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
is one of those which
cannot be recovered from.
Again, I must strongly disagree because other clients, based on my test 
results, posted in one of my previous messages, managed to correctly 
recover and there is no valid reason why evolution can't do the same for 
the benefit of end users.

As Milan has pointed out, the server in question is in error. The
specific problem is of a class known as a framing error (i.e. the
boundaries within the data are being violated). Apparently Thunderbird
tries to work around it. However the problem with framing errors is
that unless you do a careful heuristic analysis of the entire message
stream they can lead to situations in which the fix actually creates
other problems in some circumstances, and these can easily happen at
some distance from where the server made its mistake and be very hard
to diagnose. Maybe TB has managed to avoid this, maybe not. I've no
idea, but Evo has very limited developer resources and this in my view
is definitely not a priority.


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