Re: [Evolution] Error fetching message info: unknown body response


Server responses are not redacted, only message header values were removed.
My question still stands: Thunderbird can read the folder and I can attempt to repair it.
Which email is corrupted? 1717 or 1718?

BTW, I found that Boxer for Android stops on the same message.

However, based on Thunderbird behavior - is it possible to make something to ignore invalid response and keep processing emails?


On 10/30/18 03:50, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Mon, 2018-10-29 at 20:33 +0100, Ángel wrote:
Milan: this can be easily extracted using uudecode(1), which is
provided by the sharutils package[1]
thanks. That might be it, I do not have it installed. I've been sure
there is some simple tool for it, but I've been also too lazy. My

 From the log:
| [imapx:B] I/O: 'B00412 UID FETCH 1717:1793 (RFC822.SIZE RFC822.HEADER FLAGS)'

Here, the IMAPx asked for the basic information for some messages and
it received:

| [imapx:B] I/O: '* 1717 FETCH (RFC822.SIZE 2817 RFC822.HEADER {1183}
|  FLAGS (\Seen) UID 1717)

for the first of them and the below for the second. I do not know how
much the log is redacted, but if the above is an unchanged response,
then it's wrong, because "RFC822.HEADER {1183}" means that "there will
be RFC822.HEADER whose size is 1183 bytes", but the long didn't show a
single bit from it, like in the second message response (below), which
begun with "Received:" header and continued. If the above is really
what the server returned, then the problem is with the server returning
invalid response for one of the messages. I do not think
evolution/IMAPx can do anything about it.

| * 1718 FETCH (RFC822.SIZE 8116 RFC822.HEADER {1256}
| Received:
| Received:
| .....

Just in case, I suppose you edited the log and removed values for the
headers, right? That's perfectly fine, I only want to confirm that the
second response was valid.

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