Re: [Evolution] Error fetching message info: unknown body response

On Sat, 2018-11-03 at 15:47 -0400, Josh wrote:
Would you suggest additional diagnostics?

I do not have anything else than what I already wrote earlier. That is,
Thunderbird probably uses different method to get the message
information from the server, which avoids the faulty response of the

Is it possible to do similar trance in thunderbird?

I do not know, probably yes, but I do not use Thunderbird, neither I
know their debugging options. Better ask them, or user a search engine
like Google or Yahoo! or...

A simple stand alone application to retrieve a single message by its

You can connect with telnet or gnutls-cli or openssl or such and use
IMAP commands directly, but it's not for regular users. A little
example with telnet is here (search for "-- to debug IMAP --"):

Anyway, I really do not think there is anything more to do. The server
returns faulty response, the server should be fixed. You know the
folder and UID, which should be enough to reproduce the issue. You
found out that making a copy of the folder also reproduces the error,
which is good, you can pick that single message, copy it into a
different account, then back to an empty folder on that server and then
see whether it'll still be reproducible (it can be, if you copied/moved
the message in Thunderbird it used operations on the server, which the
server can optimize, which can mean it can copy/move faulty record too,
thus when you use a different account on a different server, or local
machine, it'll avoid those optimizations). I do not see a UID column in
Thunderbird, but it seems like when you view message source there
(Ctrl+U), then the window title contains the path and the UID at the
very end, after the last "%3E" (quotes for clarity only). My test
shows: "Source of: imap://user@server:port/fetch%3EUID%3E.threads%3E8",
from which the '8' at the end might be the UID of the message (I viewed
source of a message in a 'threads' folder, which is on the same level
as Inbox on that server).

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