Re: [Evolution] Error fetching message info: unknown body response

On Thu, 2018-11-01 at 12:38 -0400, Josh wrote:
Which email is corrupted? 1717 or 1718?

it's the message with UID 1717. It might be interesting whether
Thunderbird shows it at all in the UI. If it does, then maybe it uses
different way to get the headers (like getting whole message instead).

However, based on Thunderbird behavior - is it possible to make 
something to ignore invalid response and keep processing emails?

As mentioned above, it can be that Thunderbird reads the message
headers differently, if at all. In this particular case, where the
response says "the next N bytes are the value" (the parser simply
doesn't interpret it, because it relies on valid response from the
server), I'd say no, this particular issue cannot be "simply ignored".
There can be added some more or less bizarre workarounds "if something
goes wrong", but I do not think it worth it. The real fix is to let the
server developers know and let them fix it. With that everyone will
benefit, not only Evolution.

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