Re: [Evolution] Disable Digests? [was: evolution-list Digest, Vol 156, Issue 61]

On Sat, 2018-07-28 at 00:43 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
I also note that you proposed I turn off digests for a test period to
see what happens, and I said I would wait a while in case anyone
objected. The "while" turned out to be over a year, with no
from anyone, so I'm minded to go ahead. I'll wait a few days to give
people a second chance to react before I do anything, and hope I
forget again :-)


Or, if you're an admin of this mail group ,send out a mass admin email
to everyone on the list:

No, I don't mean email everyone on the list one by one.. 

I mean sending a email to evolution-list gnome org

with the subject: ** ADMIN EMAIL ** RE: Digest emails

And then state that you're turning off digests on 9/30/2018 ( made up
date) and You will either have to switch to getting emails from the
mail group as they come in ( individually).... But, if you do not
change your settings by 9/29/2018, you will still be subscribed to this
mail group, but you will no longer recieve any emails until you go in
and change your settings to recieve group emails individually.

Something like that....... 

Just an idea.. To give people a heads up ahead of time. 

Thank you and take care!
-- Chris

Main Email address: chris cwm030 com
(Please send all off topic messages to my main address..Thanks)

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