Re: [Evolution] Missing Oauth2 secreat

On Mon, 2018-07-16 at 15:07 +0100, Richard Bown wrote:
Lets get one thing straight.
I disagree with you
I have not said I disagree with canonical, even though at times their policy can be a PITA

You do not disagree with me, since it's not about a different opinion
between you and me. You completely ignore the Ubuntu policy and you
continue to spread misinformation.

You still expect that there is a maintainer for the Evolution package,
while a few seconds of reading would clarify that it's a community
driven package.

"packages in Ubuntu universe and multiverse are maintained by the Ubuntu
Development Team. If you need to discuss a specific change, try poking
the last person who changed the package (see the changelog at"

Since it's not about a a specific change a place for discussions would

[weremouse@moonstudio ~]$ apt show evolution 2>/dev/null | grep -i maintainer
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss lists ubuntu com>

"Point of contact for Ubuntu users to reach Ubuntu developers"
IOW it's not a plain developers mailing list.

While it is possible that reporting a bug to the bug tracker could lead
to an update or backport within a release, it's much more likely that
this is not going to happen for the reasons explained by the official
Ubuntu links I provided.

If trying to help someone gets this, I might as well unsubscribe the list

I'm usually not that harsh, while there's no reason to unsubscribe, I
indeed would prefer you would unsubscribe, than continuing to create an
impression, that there is the chance to contact a packager and that
Evolution will ever get upgraded within an Ubuntu release.

It's already hard to hold back a comment regarding your guesses about
"libraries" and the difference between Mint and Ubuntu. While such a
micro release upgrade shouldn't cause soname issues
( ) the complexity of all that GTK
and GNOME stuff, the complexity that Mint isn't an Ubuntu flavour, but a
derivative + that a lot of users aren't experienced in this domain,
makes it possible that apart from several issues, also soname issue
could render any support useless, if after such clueless pseudo-fixes,
the usage of quasi pseudo-backports, something should break someday.

I'll end this fruitless dispute with a last warning:

"Users of Ubuntu and officially supported derivatives (Kubuntu,
Edubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu) can get support here. Users of derivatives
(such as Backtrack and Linux Mint) are not officially supported."

Several times a year Mint users try to get help by the Ubuntu community,
after they screwed up their Mint by following bad ideas such as yours. A
lot of users don't understand what the Ubuntu release model really is,
so they usually don't understand "when" and "when not" packages could
expect upgrades, let alone that workarounds that temporarily could solve
an issue, might cause a disaster a few month later, when they don't
remember that they once used a weak workaround. The problem is, that
helping those users is a waste of time.

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