Re: [Evolution] Missing Oauth2 secreat

I suspect that it's this bug

Definitely, sounds like my problem, which means I screwed as
LinuxMint probably won't patch things until 20 and
flatpak isn't option.

It's not a major update, just 3.28.1 -> 3.28.3. Surely Mint provides
updates and bug fixes for things?  Might I suggest you ask on the Mint
forums about it - possibly file a bug against Mint for the update, it's
a security issue after all.

So the next question is why can't I revert it back to password as it
was before ?

Possibly that's a Google issue. But you need to configure your Google
account to enable "less secure login" for it to work at all. 

One other possibility is to configure the account using Gnome online
Accounts - that will use different code for OAuth2 which almost
certainly won't suffer from this bug and it will create the account
within Evolution using the authentication tokens it has got.


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