Re: [Evolution] Missing Oauth2 secreat

On Mon, 16 Jul 2018 11:44:49 +0100, Richard Bown wrote:
You took what I said out of context Ralf !!

Pete was asking about the micro releases policy of the used distro.
When talking about Mint, an Ubuntu derivative, unsupported by Ubuntu,
you bring Ubuntu into play and at least some of your items are contrary
to the Ubuntu policy.

I don't comment on your items that Mint should compile against libraries
provided by Ubuntu and on your hint regarding upgrading by an exception
to the norm. It's not out of context, if I clarify a few other items.

Something shown by might or might not be
correct, but it's important to point out, that the website is not a Website from Canonical, the
company behind Ubuntu. I provided links to official websites.

You claim that "Filing a bug report both on linux mint and ubuntu will
speed up the process", which unlikely will do. I can't comment on
Mint, but I can comment on Ubuntu. While an official bug report is good
and perhaps needed, at least it's important, I provided links that
explain why an update by Ubuntu within an Ubuntu release unlikely will
happen in this case, let alone that it unlikely would help to get in
contact with a Debian and/or Ubuntu maintainer by any irregular way, in
this case.

So nothing I pointed out is out of context. I could comment on other
items, too, but I just wanted to clarify that your bad hints regarding
Ubuntu, are giving an absolutely wrong idea, especially if you consider
Pete's question regarding a micro update, even while it's a security
related update.

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