[Evolution] POP3 features / Re: Mail server doesn't show up


RFC 1939  - POP3 says there is the DELE command, with which a client
can decide to leave the email on the server or delete it.


On Sun, 2018-07-08 at 18:05 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
Actually reading the above made me double check the account types and
actually I lied, the account that is missing is a POP3 account (I had
it set up as IMAP originally when it was under Windows 10 and when I
switched to Linux Mint I must have selected POP3) so that would explain
why I can't see it, as under Outlook on Windows, the account does have
its own tree in the left-hand panel. I hadn't realised what the purpose
of "On This Computer" was. Outlook creates a tree for the pop3 account
as well as having "Personal Folders" which I assume is the same as "On
This PC". 

How does this work if you have multiple POP3 accounts do they all
appear as one amorphous mass in "On This PC"? I would think it makes
more sense for Evo to do it the same as Outlook as it's less confusing?

POP means "post office protocol". The concept behind it is that it
works like the post office: you have a mailbox in the post office that
all your mail is delivered into and you retrieve it from there. That's
all it does. You can go and get your mail and parcels from USPS or UPS
or whoever but they all end up in the same place - your hands! (It's a
30 year old protocol, give me some slack!)

That is why Evolution puts everything into your Inbox "On this
Computer" ready for you to sort through (either physically or
automatically).  All Outlook is doing is automatically sorting it
whether you want it to or not.


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