[Evolution] Recovering after suspend and resume


I'm running Evo on Linux Mint 18.3.

I use suspend and resume a lot, several times a day. Whenever I leave
my computer for more than a few minutes I suspend it.

My internet link is via satellite, so high latency but works well
otherwise. The high latency does tend to make Evo slow to update and
does timeout quite often when receiving for sending emails but a retry
normally fixes it. See attached for the send error after resume, only
see it once.

I've used Evolution like forever and for the last 15 years on a
satellite link so I'm quite used to the occasional hiccup, so I'm not
complaining but...

Invariably when I resume, Evolution fails to reconnect to my 3 mail
boxes, 3 IMAP+ including Gmail. Most often it gets stuck showing the
spinner on one or more accounts so I do a --force-shutdown and restart,
after which it's ok.

I did think that maybe I should add suspend/resume hooks to exit and
restart Evo but I thought I would ask the list if anyone has any better

My RSS feeds work fine and I suspect POP would be ok too, so I get the
feeling it's the open socket for IMAP+ that's causing the problem.


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