Re: [Evolution] Cannot accept calendar invites from fellow Evolution user

On Tue, 2017-06-20 at 08:25 -0400, Youssef Mahmoud wrote:
I have personally watched him use the Evolution interface to generate
the invitations in question.

that's odd, but okay, the issue had been identified.

It doesn't matter that much, it was
only the most confusing part about your query.

What other parts are confusing?

Right, the other thing was the message structure. It had been clarified

...though it will be some time before most of the user base is at

It depends on your distribution.

I'm not clear on what the life-cycle of an Evolution release is.

There is an upstream, the place where the main development happens, and
the distributions providing their users with versions they choose.
Upstream currently handles only the current stable version and the
development version. In some rare cases, like when really bad things
are recognized in the previous stable version, a new release is done,
but that's really rare.

And is your commit referenced above considered a bug fix or a feature

Bug fix, from my point of view. You can ask your distribution
maintainer(s) to backport it, but knowing that there is a limited man
power on all sides it'll be harder.

You indicated that you use Fedora, the Fedora 26 contains 3.24.x of
Evolution (and GNOME). It reached its beta a week and a day ago. The
final release is planned for July, which is not that far, thus I guess
it's okay to wait.

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