[Evolution] [ews] EWS throttling


I'm new to Evolution, so I apologize if this topic has already been
covered. I'm using the EWS plugin and have noticed that, when syncing a
large amount of mail, it seems like the EWS plugin does not respond to
Exchange throttling messages. Specifically, I'm getting messages back
from the server with code ErrorServerBusy and a BackOffMilliseconds
value set. However, it seems like EWS is failing the transaction rather
than backing off. Note that I haven't done much code inspection (just
observed behavior and grepped for the string "BackOffMilliseconds" in
the sources), so I could be mistaken.

In any case, handling throttling would be very helpful for me when
processing a large mail sync. Is this difficult to add? Should I file a
bug report?

Here's more information about EWS throttling:

Note that I'm using the Evolution debian package, version 3.22.6-1.


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