[Evolution] Cannot accept calendar invites from fellow Evolution user

Hello everyone,

I have a contact who regularly sends me calendar invites that he
generates using Evolution. I am unable to click on any of the interface
buttons that Evolution generates when rendering an email that has an
ICS attachment (Open Calendar, Decline, Tentative, Accept). The buttons
appear as clickable (not greyed out), but when I click on them, nothing
happens. I have run Evolution from the terminal to see if any error
messages are generated when I click, but there are not. If I open the
ICS file, the Evolution calendar event import wizard starts and I'm
able to add the event that way, but this method doesn't send a reply to
the organizer, so it is not ideal.

The strange thing is: he is my only contact who uses Evolution, and
also the only one with whom I have this problem. I'm able to use the
inline interface for invites just fine with all of my Outlook/Gmail/etc
contacts, but not with the one who sends me invites from Evolution.

We are both on Fedora 25 with Evolution 3.22.6.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how to troubleshoot this?



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