Re: [Evolution] Cannot accept calendar invites from fellow Evolution user

I've unfortunately nothing in particular, at least for the given
but maybe related, could it be that the invitation email content
shows "Searching for an existing appointment..." above the buttons? 

That is not the issue. It finishes searching and correctly shows
whether there is a conflict.

also depends where you receive the message, because some folders are
treated as special folders, like Sent and Outbox, where is done no
searching for existing appointment. I do not think it's it, but just

I have successfully responded to invitations from others in the same

Otherwise, if it's truly sender specific, do you have enabled search
for sender photograph, which might not block the itip mail
but who knows. The option can be found in Edit->Preferences->Mail
Preferences->Headers tab.

I do not have this setting enabled.

There is one clue I omitted from my initial message. The user who sends
me invites that I cannot respond to always sends two ICS attachments
per invite, both in the same message. They are identical except that
one has a newline at the end of the file and the other does not. I
asked him about this and he said he doesn't do it intentionally.

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