Re: [Evolution] open

Hi all,

let me make my problem more precise. Evolution works fine. It is in my setting that something went wrong and all of a sudden it does not open any more.

I installed evolution on a different PC. restored an older back-up and one or two times it loaded fine and then again, it did not want to open again.

I am not interested in configuring evolution with a different email. The reason is: I use evolution for my business emails and thunderbird for my private emails. I am not mentioning thunderbird as a problem, so no need to comment on that further. It is just to give the background that I am using different email clients for different reasons. Clawsmail is my security email, which is so restricted that it is only used for a certain group of people and absolute not public.

Could it be a problem though, that evolution, thunderbird and clawsmail in one system don't like each other? or may just two of them.

The worst side of the problem is that I don't find warnings or comments or anything indicating any error. It just starts and hangs there. The same thing happened on Linux mint, but then I would simply restart the whole system and evolution would just start again. Because linux mint, (and please this is only to mention the background) uses only an older version of evolution, whatever good reason they might have for it, I installed fedora in order to be able to use a more update version.

My backup is about 4.2 GB big (just emails), is that getting to the core of the problem?


greetings to you all.

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