Re: [Evolution] open

let me make my problem more precise. Evolution works fine. It is in my 
setting that something went wrong and all of a sudden it does not open 
any more.

You never said if you use IMAP or POP?

But in the back of my mind I seem to remember that there was some ISPs
that had some strange connection throttling restrictions on IMAP.  One
thing you could try is to reduce the number of concurrent connections
that are used. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Accounts -> (Select
account) -> Edit -> Receiving Options and then reduce "Number of
concurrent connections to use" to 1.

Other places that can cause hangs are: spam filtering; remote address
book issues; DNS issues. But they should all timeout eventually.

As others have said, we need to see debugging output to know exactly
what the issue is. You can see how to enable debugging for the various
modules at

If you want to post any debugging output here (or elsewhere) make sure
that any private information (such as email addresses or passwords) is
removed first - and don't post massive files here, use something like


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