Re: [Evolution] Colord/ioctl

On Tue, 2016-03-29 at 16:32 +0200, Stig Roar Wangberg wrote:
ti., 29.03.2016 kl. 09.59 +0200, skrev Milan Crha:
On Tue, 2016-03-29 at 02:51 +0200, Stig Roar Wangberg wrote:
disabled in config for the gpg1, but your evolution-data-server
 version uses gpg2, with which I do not know where the setting is
stored. The gpg1 has it in
~/.gnupg/gpg.conf , use-agent key. Try to install pinentry package,
eventually any of the sub-packages. I have install pinentry and
pinentry-qt (which are required by seahorse), both 0.9.6-4
I never did those configurations before. But I'll look into it. I
wonder if this is a Fedora thing? Cause I have no problems in Mint 
and Trisquel. But thanks a lot! No I know where to look. 

Could be some weird SELINUX thing;  have you tried relabeling?

Can you perform GPG operations from the command line?  Just try signing
-and-verifying a file and encrypting-and-decrypting a file.

Adam Tauno Williams <mailto:awilliam whitemice org> GPG D95ED383
Systems Administrator, Python Developer, LPI / NCLA

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