Re: [Evolution] Colord/ioctl

On Mon, 2016-03-28 at 20:52 +0200, Stig Roar Wangberg wrote:
I get a message in Evolution that signing fails due to some ioctl,
SELinux is giving me a message about some colord attempt to accsess
read on this file: /etc/udev/hwdb.bin. Are these to connected

I'm running Evolution on both Trisquel and Mint with no problems. Now
I'm in Fedora, and also want to use Evolution there too. But signing
and encryption fails due to some issues with the ioctl. About the
message, from SELinux, I really don't know what is. I was thinking
Evolution needs access to my gpg keys, and that Fedora (SELinux)
somehow denies it? 

What can I do about this, please.

I give up. What does "some ioctl" mean? What is the actual message?
We're aren't telepathic. And once again, remember to quote your version
of Evolution.

I doubt the SElinux issue is related to Evolution, but once again we
aren't able to guess what it is if you don't tell us. There are tools
to analyze SElinux messages and tell you what's causing them. Perhaps
you should read up on them.


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