Re: [Evolution] How can I limit the amount of cache evolution is using?

Am Freitag, den 04.03.2016, 08:52 +0000 schrieb Pete Biggs: 
On Fri, 2016-03-04 at 08:21 +0000, Fabrice Triboix wrote:
Got it! It was the "Apply filters to new messages in Inbox on this
server" setting. I unticked it, closed evolution, deleted the
"~/.cache/evolution/mail/XYZ/folders/" directory and restarted
evolution. Now it does not download messages any more.

I would suggest this setting to be turned off by default upon creation
of a new email account.

No, that shouldn't be the default because people who create filters
will wonder why they aren't being applied.

If I had created a filter I wouldn't wonder why it isn't applied in a
jiffy but would keep in the back of my mind that I perhaps must take
care that it works. 
But if I've nothing planned at all and the system does things I don't
expect, I have nothing in mind to look for :-( 

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