[Evolution] How to deal with S/MIME signature where address differs from from address

Dear Evolution folks,

at work we started to set up S/MIME certificates because the Apple Mail
and the associated devices seem to support those by default.

It was very easy to set this up with Evolution (3.12.9 from Debian 8
(jessie) too). Thank you for that!

Now a colleague sent an email with an S/MIME signature, but Google Mail
rewrote the from header field (see X-Google-Original-From) and
therefore the address in the From header field differed from the
address for the S/MIME certificate the message was signed with.

The signature was marked green though, so I never noticed this, until
my colleagues told me, that Apple Mail shows a warning or something
like it.

In #evolution irc freenode net I was told, that this is the expected

the signature doesn't have much to do with the message headers, not
with the From; evo shows at the very bottom who signed it.

Thinking about it, I find this strange, and actually would like to be
notified if the signature address differs from the From address.

Maybe I do not understand the idea behind it, so I wanted to ask again
for the reasoning behind the current implementation.



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