Re: [Evolution] How can I limit the amount of cache evolution is using?

Then I re-created my email account. I could see initially it was
downloading a summary of all the messages, but now it seems it is
downloading every single message. The lower banner says "Retrieving
message '41785' in INBOX" and is just carrying on... I think it is
indeed downloading all messages in my INBOX...

In that case some configuration is requiring the messages to be

I double-checked the synchronisation setting, and it is unselected
(which I suppose is the default when you create a new account).

Any other idea?

As Milan said there are some configurations which will require the
messages to be downloaded.  Do you have junk filtering turned on?  What
filters do you have in place?  Anything that requires Evolution to look
in the body (or some headers) will trigger a download of the message.


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