Re: [Evolution] trouble using Evolution with Exchange

On Wed, 2016-03-09 at 17:49 -0500, Garrett Mitchener wrote:
Yes, I have big files made with

EWS_DEBUG=2 CAMEL_DEBUG=all evolution >& log.txt

please do not use CAMEL_DEBUG=all, it's useless, too chatty. You have a
problem with EWS, then use EWS_DEBUG=2 only.

I then leave evolution idle for a few minutes. I compose a reply to a
message in Inbox. I try to send it. It doesn't get sent.

The sending part reuses connection from the receiving part, but doesn't
reconnect (thus multiple tries of the send do not work either). The
failed send disconnected the account, then the Send/Receive press
reconnected it.

I would just run evolution with the EWS debugging on. Let it idle for
some time, then compose the message and before trying to send, mark the
place in the log. Then send the message. Whatever is below this mark is
related to the failed/closed-by-the-server connection.

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