Re: [Evolution] trouble using Evolution with Exchange

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On Wed, 2016-03-09 at 13:47 -0500, Garrett Mitchener wrote:
I've run evolution that way a couple of times, and also with
CAMEL_DEBUG=all. It generates a *lot* of detailed output, and I've
been sifting through it. What should I look for?

Did you enable the EWS specific debugging? i.e. as I said in my
previous message:

$ EWS_DEBUG=2 evolutionĀ 

I see lots of XML fragments with "NoError" and "Success",
<m:ConnectionStatus>OK, ...

I see SQL that seems to be storing the e-mail I just sent (that
triggered an error about being disconnected).

I don't see anything that looks like a connection failure or error

That's not the error you said was happening - your original message
said you were having authentication issues.


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