[Evolution] evolution race condition

Hi guys,

I am a long time satisfied user of evolution email. I only
use the email functionality and not the other functions.
My computer is running debian linux 8.2

uname -a
Linux castle 4.1.15 #1 SMP Thu Dec 31 17:59:35 CET 2015 i686 GNU/Linux

with mate desktop 1.12.1

I run apt-get dist-upgrade once every other week when I remember
to do so :-)

Never had any real problems until a few months ago. I do not
remember exactly since which version of evolution.
The problem is that the program will get itself into a race
condition and hog the cpu until I kill it by either clicking
the little X button at the top right window corner or selecting
quit from the file menu.
The message at the bottom of the screen is "filtering folder INBOX"
The time it takes from program start to this race condition is
not predictable. The actions I do are normal email reading,
junk filtering by clicking the junk button, moving messages
from one folder to another and expunging the trash.
I have the check marks for applying filters and checking for
junk contents off in the options dialog.
There are 8 different email accounts set which get email through
ssl imap and send through tls smtp, connecting to 2 different
Nothing in the log files.

Something else that is anoying :
"error while filtering folder INBOX/Trash"
It does not tell me in which account the error is.

Does anybody have an idea about this ?



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