Re: [Evolution] trouble using Evolution with Exchange

Did you enable the EWS specific debugging? i.e. as I said in my
previous message:

$ EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution

Yes, I have big files made with

EWS_DEBUG=2 CAMEL_DEBUG=all evolution >& log.txt

I see lots of XML fragments with "NoError" and "Success",
<m:ConnectionStatus>OK, ...

I see SQL that seems to be storing the e-mail I just sent (that
triggered an error about being disconnected).

I don't see anything that looks like a connection failure or error

That's not the error you said was happening - your original message
said you were having authentication issues.


Sorry for the confusion: I start evolution, and have no trouble
receiving, reading, and sending mail for several minutes. I then leave
evolution idle for a few minutes. I compose a reply to a message in
Inbox. I try to send it. It doesn't get sent. Evolution displays an
error message that it can't send the message because of an
authentication problem. I also set it to save replies to the
containing folder, so it also complains that it can't save the copy to
Inbox. But if I then click the Send / Receive button right after that,
the message gets sent (and evolution doesn't ask for a password).

How should that appear in the log?

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