[Evolution] trouble using Evolution with Exchange

I'm using Evolution on Fedora 23 to connect to an Exchange server using EWS. In the Outlook Web interface, under Help, About, it says Version:, and Mailbox server Microsoft Exchange version:

Using Evolution, I'm having an ongoing problem with authentication. When I first start Evolution, I have no problem sending and receiving mail and moving messages around. However, after a minute or two of inactivity, I start getting error messages about "authentication failed" when sending messages, moving them from one folder to another, etc. If I click the Send/Receive button, those outgoing messages do get sent. So I know I've entered my password correctly and configured everything so it should work. I guess that there are credentials somewhere that are expiring and EWS is not refreshing them fast enough?

I don't have any authentication problems using this account on my iPod or Android tablet.

What can I do to help track down the problem and maybe get it fixed?

I've done plenty of web searches, and I haven't found any other mention of exactly this problem.

-- Garrett Mitchener

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