Re: [Evolution] IMAP Folders disappear

Il giorno gio, 23/07/2015 alle 11.39 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan ha
On Thu, 2015-07-23 at 10:09 +0200, Andrea Vai wrote:
If not, you might want to reconfigure it, i.e. delete the account 
from Evo and
re-create it using GOA.
Sorry, I would like to understand this fully, before making something 
wrong or something I wouldn't like.
Is the IMAP configuration through GOA better, or even recommended, 
than configuring it directly from Evo? Why?
I have always thought that a direct configuration would be better, 
because (among other reasons) there are less pieces of (possibly 
faulty) software in the middle.
So, if configuring a GOA gmail account is not strictly needed to 
solve this problem, I would prefer not to do it.
The other question would be: is not the "direct" configuration of 
IMAP in Evo supported/working fine?

IMAP does work in Evo, but remember that Google's implementation of
IMAP in Gmail is unusual. Whether that is related to your problem or
not is hard to tell, but I know I did see a positive effect when I
changed to using GOA after many years of having manually configured
Gmail accounts. For one thing updating seemed to be much faster and
less error-prone (though this may have been due to updating Evo to
version 3.16.x). I have no idea why this should be so, but it's
important to note that Evolution is part of the wider Gnome system
(even though I use it under KDE) so other stuff is going on that may
not be directly visible. Perhaps Milan could expand on this.

I can add another test case, maybe interesting. One of the 
"disappearing" folder is the "[Gmail]/Draft" subfolder, which I use 
as the default draft folder in evo. If I have a draft message opened, 
and the folders disappear while it is opened, and I edit the message 
and I save it, if I have access to the folder again (directly into 
gmail, for example) I can view the message correctly updated. So, it 
seems that Evo does not "lose" completely the connection with the 
folders, but it simply does not show them in the tree.

I was assuming that in any case. If Evo loses connection with an
account it will give a very visible warning.

One last thing that I have just noticed: I have 2 other IMAP accounts 
set up in Evo, and both have the same problem. So, I think the cause 
should not searched in the single account itself. Moreover, the 
disappearing happen in the same moment, i.e. the folders of the three 
accounts disappear simultaneously. And, finally, making the folders 
re-appear in one account (using the unsubscribe-resubscribe 
workaround) does not make them appear in the other accounts, so here 
each one seem to be independent from the other ones.

I presume these are not Gmail accounts? Do you also have any POP
accounts that exhibit the same problem?
Yes they are Gmail accounts. I have no POP accounts in my evo setup.
BTW, I was not aware of any POP implementation that let you use folders
(and folder subscriptions), does it exist?

One option is to create a completely fresh user on your system, log in
and configure Evolution to access your accounts, then see how it
behaves. To minimize the number of variables, log out of your normal
user account first (or at least shut down Evo). Leave all the
Preferences set to default values and see what happens. Check if the
database error still appears for the new user.

If that still doesn't work I can only suggest you update Evo to the
latest version (3.16.x) if possible.

Thank you Patrick, I will save these suggestions for a later time, in
case the help of Milan won't solve the problem.


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