Re: [Evolution] IMAP Folders disappear

On Thu, 2015-07-23 at 11:39 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
I have no idea why this should be so, but it's
important to note that Evolution is part of the wider Gnome system
(even though I use it under KDE) so other stuff is going on that may
not be directly visible. Perhaps Milan could expand on this.

that's true, Evolution is part of GNOME, though more like a "plugged
in" module, using "GNOME-provided" libraries and services, more or less
optionally. If they are not available, or its build is disabled, then
Evolution can run without it too, only the functionality is missing in

You can run it under KDE, the same as the current development version
can be build (and runs) under Windows, where is almost none GNOME
infrastructure (except of those built libraries).

The GNOME Online Account (GOA) is used for Google accounts mainly for
the OAuth2 authentication (Evolution currently doesn't know how to
obtain the OAuth2 token, it gets it from GOA). This is necessary for
Google address book, which currently requires OAuth2 tokens, due to the
plain password login being disabled (this had been used for
in-Evolution configured Google accounts).

I agree with Andrea about minimizing the stack, thus rather define
accounts directly in the Evolution, rather than rely on some other
service, though at least for the Google Contacts there's no other

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