Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.10.2 Can't empty (expunge) trash

Again, why use a real trash folder? I can see that a local trash folder
would be the default if you wanted to use a real trash folder, but
surely that option isn't ticked by default? 

If you are using IMAP, then use it in the way it was designed - i.e.
mark messages as deleted rather than moving them to another folder.
Everything that uses IMAP will then be happy.

I can't use the default local Trash Folder.

<sigh>I realise that, I understand that, and I am NOT saying that you
should use a local Trash folder. I am saying you shouldn't use a Trash
folder at all.  Just mark deleted messages as such and DON'T MOVE THEM

The Evolution Trash folder in this instance is a virtual one that just
contains a list of messages that have been deleted in all the other
folders, the folder doesn't actually exist, nor are the messages moved
anywhere.  How other IMAP clients deal with messages marked for deletion
is up to them - most either hide the messages or show them with a line
through - both of which Evolution can do.

 I can't change the IMAP
Server which have been working for many years. 

This is nothing to do with the IMAP server - none of these things are
configuration or features of the IMAP server.

If they really don't work, then you need to file a bug about it.  If it
is really an issue then it will be fixed.

A bug report has been filed.

You should let the list know what the bug ID/URL is so that if anyone
else comes across the issue in the archives they know where to go to
find out more about it.


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