Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.10.2 Can't empty (expunge) trash

So don't use a real trash - it's a configurable option as I said before.
It's not compulsory.
If I use the default, the Trash is stored on the Desktop PC where the
user was logged in when he deleted the files. These files can't be
accessed and recovered by the user from his laptop, another workstation
or Webmail. Checking the IMAP server shows that deleted files are moved
to the real /.INBOX.Trash on the IMAP server and remains available to
the user independently whether he logs in using Evolution from any of
our Desktops, Laptops or by Webmail.  

Again, why use a real trash folder? I can see that a local trash folder
would be the default if you wanted to use a real trash folder, but
surely that option isn't ticked by default?

If you are using IMAP, then use it in the way it was designed - i.e.
mark messages as deleted rather than moving them to another folder.
Everything that uses IMAP will then be happy.

Also the Menu items "Edit->Preferences->Mail Preferences->Delete Mail
[On Exit, every time, etc" do not work anymore.

Don't work in what way?  Are they greyed out or something?
The menu items are active. They just don't work as they worked with Evo
3.4 and 3.6. I am considering compiling from 3.4 source with static
libraries. This was the only version of Evo that worked perfectly for

If they really don't work, then you need to file a bug about it.  If it
is really an issue then it will be fixed.

Is there any way I can fix these 3 problems? or do I have to switch to
Mozilla Thunderbird and reconfigure 15 PC's and retrain 50 users?

Most of the things you mention work fine for me - I'm using 3.10.3 on
Fedora 20.
Which of the things don't work on Fedora 20? Expunge real Trash Folder?
The Ctrl++ keyboard shortcut?

Well I don't use a real trash folder, so I can't comment on that - but
the Ctrl-Shift-+ works fine.


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