Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.10.2 Can't empty (expunge) trash

My headache is that Evo 3.10.2 is inconsistent with 3.6.3/4 and previous
versions.  3.10.2 has menu items and keyboard shortcuts that don't work,
such as "Empty Trash" when trash folder is located on IMAP Server and
Zoom Ctrl++.  

With Evo 3.10.2 and 3.10.3 if I delete a mail massage, it's moved to
Real Trash folder on the IMAP server. The Real Trash folder contents
can't be expunged with a single mouse click as with Evo 3.6.3/4. The
sometime 100's of Trashed Files can only be expunged individually. 

So don't use a real trash - it's a configurable option as I said before.
It's not compulsory.

Also the Menu items "Edit->Preferences->Mail Preferences->Delete Mail
[On Exit, every time, etc" do not work anymore.

Don't work in what way?  Are they greyed out or something?

Is there any way I can fix these 3 problems? or do I have to switch to
Mozilla Thunderbird and reconfigure 15 PC's and retrain 50 users?

Most of the things you mention work fine for me - I'm using 3.10.3 on
Fedora 20. 


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