Re: [Evolution] Restoring mails and settings from backup

On Sun, 2014-01-26 at 19:35 +0100, Francesco Porro wrote:
When I start Evolution, it shows me the wizard to set up all things from
scratch instead of showing my archive (with previuous settings, of
course). So, what's wrong? Should I copy some other folders from the
backup to the new home?

I'm running Evolution 3.8.4 on Ubuntu Gnome edition 13.10

it depends how you copied the files. Supposing you are touching internal
application data, you may see such trouble. I expect DConf has it the
same as Evolution, if you really want to change internal files, make
sure the application is not running. In case of evolution, it's any
evolution* process (ps ax | grep evolution). For accounts it's
evolution-source-registry. I would logout from your GUI/Desktop session,
switch to a text terminal, make sure no evolution (nor dconf) processes
are running, and only then copy the internal files. Then logout the text
console and try to login the GUI/Desktop. It's still on your own risk,
of course.

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