Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.10.2 Can't empty (expunge) trash

Evo 3.6.4 causes the IMAT server to move deleted files to the physical
Trash folder located on the IMAP server. i.e

It's a configuration option - an ill-considered one, but it was wanted
because, apparently, it confused people because Evolution couldn't be
forced to misbehave like other clients. When editing account information
it's on the "Defaults" page.

I guess the cause is that Evo has dropped IMAP support and now only has
IMAP+ support, but still allows the Trash folder to be configured as a
"Real Folder located on the IMAP server. 

No, if anything it's the other way round.  In IMAP the process of
deleting a message is "set a deleted flag on the message", at a later
time you can purge the mailbox of all deleted messages, but in the days
of MBOX files that consisted of copying the whole of the contents of the
MBOX file to a new file, but omitting those messages marked as deleted,
then delete old file and rename the new file.  The whole purge process
was lengthy for large MBOX files and so would not be done very often.

In the case of the "Real" trash folder, the deletion process consists
of: copy message to trash folder, mark message as deleted in INBOX,
purge INBOX (there is no "MOVE" primitive in IMAP).  If your INBOX on
the server is an MBOX file, then each delete operation requires the
wholesale re-write of the file.  Things are considerably improved by
IMAP+ and Maildir format - IMAP+ has the operations to purge individual
messages, not just whole mailboxes and Maildir format means that large
monolithic files don't need to be re-written on a purge.

So the introduction of IMAP+ has made a "real" trash folder a more
reasonable proposition than with IMAP.

Can't increase message text size with Ctrl + '+' shortcut. 
The Ctrl + '-' shortcut works fine. This is the same with Evo 3.6.4
and 3.10.2.
There was no problem with Evo versions prior to 3.6.4.

I'm seeing the same thing. It's not something I ever used before so I
hadn't noticed it.

Ctrl-Shift-(+/=) works fine for me, as does Ctrl-(-) - but not on the


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