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Yes, I warned about this and disk problems some time ago. Now it's time to switch.

Last version of evolution constantly crashed for me (the one comes with ubuntu 13.04). Sent a pair of bug reports with launchpad but I cannot continue use the program with this high degree of problems.

I was a high evangelist of evolution but right now it has not the quality it used to have.

Thunderbird seems to have progressed better and in a more robust way. It also handles sieve.

I hope I can switch back to evolution when this kind of problems are solved. The most important one is performance because a mail client that is so slow is the worst of all usability problems.

I have to say that all my friends also switched to Thunderbird and never looked back. Hope I can look back in near future because I used to love this application... (Evolution now!)

Best regards,

PS: I'm quite surprised to see that developers never saw the performance problem to come... Do you use evolution in your day to day work?

El 11/03/13 21:55, Matthew Barnes escribió:
On Mon, 2013-03-11 at 20:20 +0100, Gonzalo Aguilar Delgado wrote:
The problem is that I have to wait for a new mail window about  16
secs, or more. It constantly hangs or crashes and the interface is
little responsive.
This may be related to a massive widget leak that Milan discovered in
the composer window.

Widgets from closed composer windows were sticking around in memory and
responding to events, which eats up CPU.  So the more composer windows
you create during an Evolution session the slower it gets.

I believe the bulk of the leakage was fixed in GtkHTML 4.6.3.

Matthew Barnes

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