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El 09/05/13 02:31, N B Day escribiรณ:
On Wed, 2013-05-08 at 21:58 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
On Wed, 2013-05-08 at 19:51 +0200, Gonzalo Aguilar Delgado wrote:
I was a high evangelist of evolution but right now it has not the
quality it used to have.
Please add "in Ubuntu" to your statements as you chose to use a
distribution that deliberately ships old versions and doesn't provide
upstream bugfix updates to their users.

Just to get the facts straight who to blame for missing quality.

This was true in the past but not now.  Ubuntu 13.04, which was released
in late April and is based on Gnome 3.6, provides Evolution 3.6.4,
released 6 March 2013.  Six or seven weeks later: pretty up-to-date.  If
you like Ubuntu and must have the 3.8 series you can go with Ubuntu
Gnome and update to Gnome 3.8; same as with openSUSE.  Now that Ubuntu
is a sorta-kinda rolling release, I expect more up-to-date versions of
everything to appear.


Evolution is no longer the default MUA in Ubuntu, but it still
integrates nicely with their version of the Gnome calendar.  Works very
well for me and my extended family.


Glad to see that at least developers use and test evolution in a day to day basis.

But man this is kind of the same problem of the known kernel IO problem that also I reported and nobody not much people trust just because they didn't see any problem.

When the kernel IO problem was noticeable for all the people it was way too late to find a solution.

The same occurs in evolution. Just because it works well for you it does not mean it's working well.

I can tell you that performance and usability degraded over time.

Yes. It's a great e-mail client. One of the best. It supported even MS Exchange when no others did it. It supported IMAP as well. It has great plugins that made live easier and it used to work really well.

But performance problems right now are a serious issue.

If this were my product I will start profiling it. Just to see how fast/slow is and how can we improve.

I can say that I'm heavy user. I used to have thousands of e-mails in 6 different IMAP accounts, and a lot of filters that classifies my e-mail in local folder when neccesary.

Well... Once the e-mail is classified it should not slow evolution. So I suppose this is not the problem.

So why the program is getting slower.

If I'm taking my time explaining what's the problem I suppose that someone should take some time in investigating what can be wrong. It's not a waste of time because doing it will improve overall usabiliy of all users.

I'm not blaming. I'm just warning about a problem that made me switch.

Hope you understand that I love the program and that's why I'm telling. That's not blaming.

Please take time to analyze what I'm telling. I suppose that I'm not the only one that suffered of this.

Note: My current version is: 3.6.4. And crashed while writing this on Thunderbird. So I didn't touched anything when crashed.

I suppose it's a small bug. But this is not the problem. Problem is performance.

Thank you for reading.

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