Re: [Evolution] Feedb evolution-list gnome org, ack

On Sun, 2013-06-23 at 14:39 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
Personally, I still get a lot of utility out of a nice fat client.
The latest versions of Evolution are fast and stable.  The non-mail
features are greatly overlooked.  I love the memo component - which
supports attachments!  all the note taking apps i've tried and i keep
comming back to memos.  rather than just storing retarded links (which
get silently broken) evo actually stores the attachment, which is
great.  with a compliant caldav server memos - and their attachments -
can be sync'd to a server.   It's great.
Sure, that's why I had to run "killall evolution" before I could reply
to your mail 

I've just tested reply-to-group to my message in Evolution 3.8.1;  it
worked perfectly.

written with "K-9 Mail for Android" and not with
Evolution ;). 

Sadly, evolution doesn't run on my phone.  The maemo [spelling?] project
would have been awesome;  i did play with evolution --express running on
a tablet at a conference.  That seemed really nice.

Sorry, I seldom use anything else then Evolution and it
became a PITA.


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