Re: [Evolution] Feedb evolution-list gnome org, ack

I am looking for a server-centric mail client to replace evolution,
that I don't need to rebuild my address book, signatures, etc. every
time I use a different computer, but have not yet found one that is
Try gmail.

Or if you want a hosted solution that uses and supports Open Source try "".

For a self hosted mail client still nothing beats Horde. Their latest versions are extremely complete and 

Personally, I still get a lot of utility out of a nice fat client.  The latest versions of Evolution are fast 
and stable.  The non-mail features are greatly overlooked.  I love the memo component - which supports 
attachments!  all the note taking apps i've tried and i keep comming back to memos.  rather than just storing 
retarded links (which get silently broken) evo actually stores the attachment, which is great.  with a 
compliant caldav server memos - and their attachments - can be sync'd to a server.   It's great.

Adam Tauno Williams

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