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I don't want to subscribe to a mailing list. I would like the
opportunity to provide feedback, which you are free to ignore or use as
you see fit. I don't want to be involved in making Evolution a better
product, other than sending you the occasional tidbit based on my
experience as a user.

Here is today's tidbit:

I have numerous problems trying to edit things in emails I am trying to
send (addresses, subject lines, the content of the message). Simple
typing works fine, but any type of cut and paste operation seems to have
strange and unpredictable results. I realize this isn't very helpful,
but it is obvious that the editor is trying to be smart about things
like email address, signature blocks, and previous messages in a mail
thread. What it is trying to do is unclear, so operations like trying to
add paste an additional email address into one of the address lines have
strange results, especially when address already exist in a line. Trying
to paste text after the signature block seems impossible (it always ends
up in signature block), and trying to copy text from text that was
pasted into a message often results in all the previously pasted text
disappearing. Personally, I would be happier with a dumb editor that
just accepts whatever text I paste into it, and just tries to verify
formatting on email addresses when I actually send the email. However,
if I had some idea of what the editor is supposed to be doing, I might
be able to learn how to use it. I have not been able to find any
documentation that explains how the editor is supposed to work,
particularly with respect to its builtin formatting features.

I am looking for a server-centric mail client to replace evolution, so
that I don't need to rebuild my address book, signatures, etc. every
time I use a different computer, but have not yet found one that is

Also, I recognize that the work on this product is done by volunteers,
and that is much appreciated. This email is not really a complaint, and
hopefully will provide some perspective to the people doing all the work
to develop this product from someone who is strictly a user of the

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