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On Sun, 2013-06-23 at 12:47 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
First, if you have comments about Evolution, then you really need to
tell us what version of it you are using.

The OP replied using Evolution 3.4.4-2 ;).

Sorry, I won't close and open Evolution again, so I can't mark following
quotes to delete them:

 Things change rapidly and
what you are commenting on may not be relevant any more.

I have numerous problems trying to edit things in emails I am trying to
send (addresses, subject lines, the content of the message). Simple
typing works fine, but any type of cut and paste operation seems to have
strange and unpredictable results. I realize this isn't very helpful,
but it is obvious that the editor is trying to be smart about things
like email address, signature blocks, and previous messages in a mail
thread. What it is trying to do is unclear,

The issues is to do with replying to emails that are in HTML format, and
in particular the HTML that some clients create.  It is helpful to
understand HTML, once you do that, you can sort of understand why things
are happening.  Specifically when inserting text, the pasted text can
become part of the original HTML structure - if nested DIV blocks are
involved, the placing of the inserted text can appear to be random.

This happens even if the reply you are typing is in plain text (i.e. not
HTML) - this is because the underlying editor works on HTML formatting
if there are HTML codes in the text, it just then presents the text in a
plain text rendering. (That may be a simplification, but it's how it
appears.)  You can often see dotted boxes in the text when you are
editing it - these are the DIV (or whatever) blocks that the editor is
dealing with.

The solution I have found is to make sure that you press return a few
times where you want to insert text to make sure there is a blank line
or two to insert the text into - the editor is intelligent enough to
"re-HTML" the text when you do that, but not, apparently, when you add

In general though, I don't find it to be that much of a problem - I
write hundreds of emails almost exclusively in Evolution and don't often
have problems.

 so operations like trying to
add paste an additional email address into one of the address lines have
strange results, especially when address already exist in a line.

There are strict formats for the address lines - make sure you aren't
accidentally pasting addressing into the middle of other addresses - you
just have to be aware of where the cursor is.

to paste text after the signature block seems impossible (it always ends
up in signature block),

Good.  The signature block comes at the end - any text after the "-- "
*is* part of the signature block.

 and trying to copy text from text that was
pasted into a message often results in all the previously pasted text
disappearing. Personally, I would be happier with a dumb editor that
just accepts whatever text I paste into it,

There is a plugin for an external editor, look under Edit -> Plugins

Things may also get better when the WebKit editor gets integrated.

I am looking for a server-centric mail client to replace evolution, so
that I don't need to rebuild my address book, signatures, etc. every
time I use a different computer, but have not yet found one that is

Try gmail.


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