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I think is a bad habit inherited from Windows.  I've seen this kind of users asking  "I've reinstalled it 20 times and still doesn't works. Why?"

Just an opinion

El dom, 01-07-2012 a las 05:29 -0700, Adam Tauno Williams escribió:

Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com> wrote:
>I'm still a little confused as to why so many users seem to feel the
>need to backup and restore their personal data just to upgrade their
>operating system in place.  Backing up of course is a prudent safety
>measure, but if the upgrade goes smoothly there should be no need to
>restore the backup.
>Are there actually distro installers that don't allow you to upgrade
>without nuking your home directory, or do some installers not make that
>option clear enough, or am I just misunderstanding the problem?

AFAIK all mainstream distros do non-destructive in-place upgrades.  I've upgraded openSUSE from 11.0 to present (12.1) without restoring anything.

I think this stems from a clinging to the obsolete practice of periodic re-install.  I have no idea why users do this but it is very prevalent amoung the ones I talk to;  they reinstall all the time.

>There does seem to be a large concentration of Ubuntu users reporting
>these kinds of problems, but that might just be a statistical anomaly
>rather than something Ubuntu is doing wrong.

I don't believe it is anomalous;  it jives perfectly with my first-hand experience.    Ubuntu users in-the-main inherit the worst practices of 1990s era PC users.  It is very frustrating to try to help them even in person - turn your back for a few minutes and the are reinstalling to see if that will magickally fix thier problem (whatever that is).

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