Re: [Evolution] Moving from evolution to evolution

Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com> wrote:
I'm still a little confused as to why so many users seem to feel the
need to backup and restore their personal data just to upgrade their
operating system in place.  Backing up of course is a prudent safety
measure, but if the upgrade goes smoothly there should be no need to
restore the backup.
Are there actually distro installers that don't allow you to upgrade
without nuking your home directory, or do some installers not make that
option clear enough, or am I just misunderstanding the problem?

AFAIK all mainstream distros do non-destructive in-place upgrades.  I've upgraded openSUSE from 11.0 to 
present (12.1) without restoring anything.

I think this stems from a clinging to the obsolete practice of periodic re-install.  I have no idea why users 
do this but it is very prevalent amoung the ones I talk to;  they reinstall all the time.

There does seem to be a large concentration of Ubuntu users reporting
these kinds of problems, but that might just be a statistical anomaly
rather than something Ubuntu is doing wrong.

I don't believe it is anomalous;  it jives perfectly with my first-hand experience.    Ubuntu users 
in-the-main inherit the worst practices of 1990s era PC users.  It is very frustrating to try to help them 
even in person - turn your back for a few minutes and the are reinstalling to see if that will magickally fix 
thier problem (whatever that is).
Adam Tauno Williams

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